Advices Before Buying A Pearl Necklace

Which woman doesn’t want to look beautiful? They’re a statement on their own, whether they’re worn with a white T-shirt or a tailored suit. Necklaces can be of Gold, Silver, Diamond or even artificial. A beautiful design is what most women go for.

So here i’m gong to give you some advices about some types of pearls :

– Freshwater pearls necklace :

Freshwater pearls necklace are considered to be the entry-level pearls of culture. That’s true, to a certain extent. However, it should be noted that the Freshwater pearls necklace industry has made remarkable progress in recent years. Today, they offer different varieties that, for the best of them, can be compared to Akoya pearls neckalce.

In its widest range, the cost of Freshwater pearls necklace is very affordable and is an excellent value for money. At Gemperles, choosing a freshwater pearl necklace does not require a substantial budget and certainly guarantees a successful purchase.

– How to identify a premium pearl necklace on a website?

After considering the value criteria of pearls (diameter, shape, color, luster, surface), there is another very ingenious and complementary way to appreciate the value of a pearl necklace. This means is the proposed deviation on a diameter of beads.

Example: A 7 to 8mm freshwater pearl necklace will be worth less than a 7 to 7.5mm pearl necklace.

Why ? Because the selection of pearls is much more rigorous. A necklace with a pearl gap of only 0.5mm will present greater harmony and higher homogeneity. Buy online a pearl necklace with a small gap is the assurance of acquiring a collar of superior quality.

Observation: When the diameter of pearls begin to seriously increase (9mm, 10mm, 11mm … and +), it is more and more difficult to keep this gap.

Question: Can we find necklaces where pearls have exactly the same diameter? Example, a pearl necklace with exactly 7mm in diameter for each pearl?

In absolute yes. In reality, most certainly not. When a person is confronted with such an offer (on the net, in physical store …), it is rather a necklace where the diameter of the beads varies around 7mm. When forming a necklace, it is imperative that the pearls are of the same shape, same color, same tone, same luster, same orient and finally, that they are of the same diameter (with a tolerance range of 0.5 to 1mm in this case, there is no lack of homogeneity, on the contrary).

It must be admitted that the pearling industry tolerates this kind of marking. However, Gemperles considers it a lure. We therefore preferred the franchise via a strict marking of the different diameters of pearls.

– Akoya pearls necklace :

Difference between Akoya pearls necklace and freshwater pearls necklace : 

You might think that freshwater pearls neckalce and Akoya are similar, if not the price. A review of the two pearls side by side is quite striking. First, Akoya pearls necklace are very spherical while freshwater pearls necklace, although round in their AAA quality, suffer from comparison with Akoya pearls necklace. For a given diameter, the Akoya pearls necklace therefore appear wider and most importantly, the luster is much brighter. Finally, a higher density of pearl Akoya pearls necklace give an impression of increased thickness.

Tahiti perles necklace :

Tahitian pearls are fashionable and retain their precious exclusivity … These pearls are very significant in their color, size and constitution (diameter pearls, orient and particular luster, pearls with unique and varied reflections).

Choose Tahitian pearls when looking for a ring, a pendant, a pair of earrings or a wings necklace. Tahitian pearls are among the most luxurious pearls currently available on the market. Available colors: Black with very nuanced shades, gray, silver.

– Australian pearls necklace : 

They are considered exceptional pearls because of their quality, their imposing size and their rarity. Choose Australian pearls (necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants) if you are looking for very exclusive, unique pearls. Acquiring a Pearl from Australia is also a long-term investment.

Australian pearls necklace occupy the highest distinction of all pearls. They symbolize the most absolute luxury. They come in 2 natural colors: golden and white.





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