Choker Necklace

The Choker necklace (About 40 cm) fits all necks. It looks like the neck but is more flexible since less rigid. You can wear it as well with your evening outfits or everyday casual.

At the neck and at the top of the style, the choker is the necklace of 2018. How to wear this jewel trend ?

fashion is reviving his obsessions of the past. And in 2018, it is the 90s that come back to us full force. Neo trash sportswear, disturbing natural aesthetics like at Vetements, but also tender medallions of Proust are on the program. Adopted unanimously by the it-girls of the moment, it is the choker necklace that is the standard bearer of this revival. Rihanna, Bella and Gigi Hadid, the Kardashians, hang on all their necks. Renamed “Choker necklace” to ensure a return all in style, it is most often a simple ribbon, enough to dress the entire silhouette of his presence. Combined with the

Alert morphology :

As the name suggests, the crew neck is throat, which can have a double effect. On the long neck, the cord accentuates the dimension, guaranteed slender effect. On the contrary, beware of the backlash for smaller necks. To avoid appearing to have missed a step between the shoulders and the ears, one chooses meticulously his choker necklace. To ban: the ribbons, wide and too dark. To braise: tatoo, lace or all light colors. Another trick to circumvent the effect “held in the shoulders”, the hairstyle. If you are not sure if your throat is tight, go for a short haircut or tied hair, which will dispel.

Dress code :

Like any trend from the past, the dress code is important to adopt the choker necklace in the right way. Even if nothing stops you from taking out your cropped top and Doc Martens, betting on a more contemporary job will make it easier for you and avoid violent flashbacks around you in the 90’s. A single imperative: combine it with low-cut dresses, or with the open throat, to avoid the impression of confinement. We love it, for example, allied with the top at the Bardot neckline, with which he forms a romantic and very chic couple. If you prefer to stay chaste, accompany your outfit with a strikeout


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